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Welcome to Bud Commander

Recreational Marijuana in Tumwater, WA

Bud Commander. Tumwater’s First and Only WSLCB licensed retail Marijuana store founded in 2014 by David and Ruth Moore. David previously owned MooreHempCo LLC of Olympia WA established in 1996. David and Ruth resurrected MooreHempCo LLC in November of 2013, not just to chase the dream but to catch it and become Tumwater’s only I-502 retailer.


On May 1, 2014, just as they got ready to celebrate their Birthdays, David and Ruth received notification from WSLCB that MooreHempCo LLC WON the Tumwater location!!!!


As we prepared for our humble celebrations, MooreHempCo LLC was granted to be among the first lottery winners to be granted an interview with the press via newspaper reporters and King 5 news. What a bright new world of opportunities this has created.


After our 1st interview with WSLCB it was determined a tradename change would be in order. Bud Commander was the obvious choice.


Featured Growers



        00001    hanks-dank 


Based in Tumwater, Doc & Yeti cultivates premium, consistent quality
Sativa, Indica and numerous hybrid Cannabis strains. Doc & Yeti utilizes state of the art:
 Premium Nutrients – Highly Efficient Lighting Systems –
100% Controlled Environment of all Growing Variables – Easy-view Plastic Bottle Packaging.


Pacific Northwest Growers (PNG) is an Eastern Washington Producer ~ Processor located in Spokane County.
We are a craft grower providing excellence in the Cannabis Industry.
We take pride in providing exceptional products. 
The Excitement is Growing!





Based in Porter, Hank’s Dank grows their plants organically.




KODA is a premium cannabis brand that offers a sophisticated line of products lending clarity to an otherwise overwhelming market. Powered by MJ Farms, a fully licensed Tier III producer-processor facility based in Sedro-Woolley, Washington, KODA is dedicated to fostering a diverse workforce, being a responsible member of the community, and ensuring a positive social and environmental impact. KODA products are lab-formulated for consistency, and lab-tested for purity and potency to ensure the highest quality through KODA practices.




A family owned company in Shelton, WA. that has dedicated 20 years to the fine art of growing high quality marijuana, for your everyday smoking enjoyment. 



EverGrow Northwest is locally owned and operated in the Olympia WA area and we pride ourselves on producing a variety of top-quality cannabis products. We believe that our customers needs are of the utmost importance, and our entire team is committed to creating only the finest bud, pre-rolls, and concentrates on the market to meet those needs. 


The Highest Quality. The Highest Standard. The Highest Everything.



Born in Australia, Grown in Washington, USA.

Doc Croc produces premium quality, indoor hydroponic flower & BHO concentrates.






They’ve built a first class production facility from the ground up, and have carefully selected and trained the Falcanna Family – the best crew in recreational cannabis. From plant care and curing, to packaging and online services, here at Falcanna we strive to help each plant reach its genetic potential, and each bud to be cured to perfection so the consumer can have a reliable and consistent experience.



We started into this business as a humble family farm with a few dedicated cannabis cultivators. We began with a goal in mind: grow the best possible cannabis with the cleanest possible methods, staying true to the values that we find important in the Northwest. We bring consistent, top-shelf quality to everything we put our name on so that when you see the Sweet As! logo, you know you are getting the very best.






At Liberty Reach we take cannabis seriously. From seed to sprout, each and every one of our plants is fed with our in house blend of organic soils and fertilizers that combine the performance of hydroponics with all the beneficial biology of organic farming. Our proprietary formula nurtures each seed to perfection and ensures a healthy, mold free crop. 




We do things differently at Nasty Jacks Candy Company. Quality unmatched we focus on it, after all with a name this Nasty the product has to be good. Our story begins over 13 years ago while our company was busy making and shipping candy across the planet with a partnership with Amazon. Ron Love our owner founded Nasty Jacks Candy Company after learning how to incorporate marijuana into his delicious gourmet candies.



Our craft bakers and confectioners source the best ingredients for their own take on classic recipes. Each delicious edible is handmade locally in small batches to ensure consistency and quality. We work directly with farms around the state to source well-grown, healthy cannabis for our butter infusions and extracts, allowing us more control and a better product. We carefully infuse our products with precise amounts of sativa, indica, hybrid and cbd varieties, so you can choose your desired experience, and we test every batch to ensure it’s exactly right.



We are dedicated to providing the highest quality indoor marijuana or sinsimlla {sinsimilla is marijuana from the female plant containing very high levels of THC; derived from Spanish “sin semilla” which means “without seeds”}.     At Seattle Sensi we grow marijuana that we like to smoke.  Marijuana that tastes good, smells good, and is grown organically in an indoor environmentally controlled facility.




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